tea time ritual

My favorite herbal blends to help me relax


Tea is a huge part of Persian culture. You won’t leave a Persian’s house without being offered to drink a cup of tea at least 3 times!

I personally don’t drink tea as often as I drink coffee but sometimes my body craves it more than anything. As my caffeine consumption is mostly between 7-11 AM, I usually make herbal blends from herbs that I brought over from my homeland Iran.

My absolute favorite is a lavender mixture with mint leaves and lemon peel, add a spoon of local honey to it and I am in heaven! But there are other tea blends that I also use based on my particular mood. When I need a boost of energy, I add rosebuds I brought from Shiraz, and when I feel bloated, I add dried tangerine peel alongside mint leaves. As someone who loves aesthetic and functional design, I have put all my herbs in simple glass containers that let me see all my options and act as a beautiful visual reminder to pour myself a cup now and then. I encourage you to do a makeover in your pantry and shop containers to divide and see all you have.

In Persian old medicine, everybody has a different climate type and every food has a specific climate to it. It’s important to not only know your body's climate but also understand how to balance your meals in order to fuel your energy in the right way.  There are many different herbs that can help with moods and illnesses—I encourage you to explore more about the ancient practice of Ayurveda.