my sacred space

How I designed my home


I find that it’s important to dedicate an area for your yoga practice. Having a space where you can lay your mat, feel comfortable to be you, and surrender to the present moment is an important part of getting into the right mindset.

That being said, as a mom of little kids, finding a spot where I can stretch, dance, and sing like no one is watching AND without being bothered is not necessarily doable. So I have to compromise, and I find that making space is part of doing the healing work.  

Recently, I remodeled my house with the help of my amazing designer Mary Wyar who asked me one question: “Describe your ideal home in three words.” I gave her these: Earthy, Minimal, Boho—and she delivered!

In my house, I have different areas decorated with green plants, colorful cushions, and minimal paintings by my father on the walls—elegantly balancing elements of nature, color, and family. I consider my entire home as my studio: a place where I feel grounded and I can do my practice at any corner.

Honestly, when it comes to yoga, all you need is your body, your breath, and an open heart full of gratitude. Maybe a notebook and pencil as well to journal your journey and jot down ideas. Simply surround yourself with life and let love in!

Being born and raised in Iran with a culture of having open doors to guests, sometimes you need your peace and quiet. For me, that’s usually 5 AM when the household is sleeping—that slow silent time where nature—the birds, the wind, the trees—are beginning to awaken, just before the hustle and bustle of humanity begins to fill the day. That is my sacred space, time that is just for me, my yoga practice, and a cup of warm coffee in my hand. You’ll also find me either with my laptop open to type or my notebook, in case I get lucky with a rush of inspiration flooding my brain and filling my spirit, calling me to write, to sing, to create.

The lesson here is to make time and space to show up for yourself. Be kind to yourself first before you try to be it for others: fill up your vessel so you have an abundance of energy to give and flow. That is being authentic to you. Start by creating your sacred space and practicing in it. What is your passion? What do you want in life? Manifest it and it shall be yours — make your life your own mosaic!